things the ftc wants me to tell you

Apparently the FTC now has these rules where you have to tell people that you got a book from a publisher for the purposes of reviewing it. Evidently this has been the rule for years, but somehow I missed it and am just realizing it now. Sorry. Anyway.

I outline all of my reading, borrowing, buying and receiving activity on the last day of every month, so those posts are where you’ll find out where I got the books I write about in other posts. Generally, I go to the library or read from my huge pile of books that I have bought over the years but still not read. Or I receive books from publishers, generally via NetGalley or Edelweiss but sometimes as print ARCs. I note where I get books on my monthly roundup posts.

I am an Amazon Associate and an IndieBound affiliate. (The Amazon thing happened first, so most links only go to Amazon. However, if you see a parenthesis (IB), that link will take you to the same thing but on IndieBound, so that you can buy through your local independent bookstore.) That means that when I write about books and link you to Amazon/IndieBound so that you can buy them, I get a tiny percentage of the money if you buy it through my link. Obviously you don’t have to do that, but it would be nice if you did, because Sallie Mae owns me for life in exchange for letting me get two master’s degrees. Also, it means I can then buy more books to read and then write about.

Any questions? Feel free to ask. Also, here is the PDF of the FTC’s very hard-to-read guidelines (I suggest you just skip to the bottom and read the plain language examples).


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