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I stopped reviewing books for BookReporter, TeenReads, and KidsReads at the end of 2012, very very happily. But if you’re interested in mostly summary, always-overwhelmingly-positive-with-no-real-opinions reviews with occasional flashes of brilliance, you can see all my old reviews for them linked from this page.

If you’d like me to review your or your author’s book, keep in mind a few things. First, I do not review self-published books. I know that that scene is changing and that there are many quality books coming out that can’t find traditional publishers, but I’ve had too many experiences with shoddily edited “books” that were printed without much thought for me to consider them at this time. (Also, I guarantee that no matter how well you think you have edited, I will be driven crazy by your inability to write a grammatical sentence, because that drives me crazy in traditionally published books, too.) I have too long of a personal and academic reading list to read something that hasn’t been vetted by someone else. Second, I would love to read books from indie presses, so if you’re one and you think I would be interested in your title, you should definitely shoot me an email. Third, my blog is my personal blog and just happens to relate to books, so I don’t review books just to review them. Please read some of my posts and think about whether your title would be something I would find interesting. Finally, I get lots of emails from publishers that might be legitimate review requests, but I tend to delete them (if Gmail doesn’t flag them as spam first) without reading, or with just quickly scanning, because they look like marketing messages. So I probably won’t respond to your request if it doesn’t have “Dear Hannah/McLicious” or something at the beginning and if it doesn’t look like it’s directed to me and not just a huge pool of reviewers. I know editors, agents, and authors are busy and sometimes have to resort to form messages, but I’m busy too, so sometimes I have to resort to the delete button. (Also, since I pretty clearly state EVERYWHERE that I write under my full name but want you to call me Hannah, I will probably not be super nice to you if you call me Sarah.)

This list is divided into three categories and links are alphabetical, not chronological (except in the case of series, in which case the links are in order of publication). It should be fairly obvious given the writing style, year of publication, and email address which reviews I wrote when I was much younger. Also, sometimes often they edit in grammatical mistakes like comma splices, and that really bothers me. Finally, I will be perfectly honest and say that I don’t even remember reading some of these. That’s why I now keep better track of my reading.

Children’s Titles
Avi. City of Orphans. Review.
Beddor, Frank. Princess Alyss of Wonderland. Review.
Clements, Andrew. The Last Holiday Concert. Review.
Clements, Andrew. Lost and Found. Review.
Colfer, Chris. The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell. Review.
Creech, Sharon. Hate That Cat. Review.
Hardinge, Frances. Well Witched. Review.
Klise, Kate. Grounded. Review.
Klise, Kate. Homesick. Review.
Legrand, Claire. The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls. Review.
Levine, Gail Carson. Ever. Review.
Lowry, Lois. Like the Willow Tree. Review.
Napoli, Donna Jo. Lights on the Nile. Review.
Oliver, Lauren. The Spindlers. Review.
Sendak, Maurice. Bumble-Ardy. Review.
Smith, Yeardley. I, Lorelei. Review.
Steer, Dugald A. and Clint Twist. The Mythology Handbook. Review.
Woodson, Jacqueline. Peace, Locomotion. Review.

YA Titles
Amateau, Gigi. Claiming Georgia Tate. Review.
Aronson, Marc. Unsettled: The Problem of Loving Israel. Review.
Ashton, Victoria. Confessions of a Teen Nanny. Review.
Berr, Helene. The Journal of Helene Berr. Review.
Billingsley, Franny. Chime. Review.
Black, Holly and Ellen Kushner, eds. Welcome to Bordertown. Review.
Bray, Libba. Beauty Queens. Review.
Brugman, Alyssa. Finding Grace. Review.
Bunce, Elizabeth C. A Curse Dark As Gold. Review.
Cantor, Jillian. The Life of Glass. Review.
Carey, Anna. Eve. Review.
Carey, Anna. Once: An Eve Novel. Review
Chayil, Eishes. Hush. Review.
Cohn, Rachel. Very LeFreak. Review.
Dent, Grace. Diary of a Chav (later changed to Diva Without a Cause). Review.
Gagnon, Michelle. Don’t Turn Around. Review.
García, Cristina. Dreams of Significant Girls. Review.
George, Elizabeth. The Edge of Nowhere. Review.
Gregory, Philippa. ChangelingReview.
Holder, Nancy. Pretty Little Devils. Review.
Johnson, Maureen. The Last Little Blue Envelope. Review.
Kadohata, Cynthia. Outside Beauty. Review.
Kogler, Jennifer Ann. Ruby Tuesday. Review.
Larbalestier, Justine. Liar. Review.
Lester, Julius. Guardian. Review.
Marchetta, Melina. Saving Francesca. Review.
O’Connell, Mary. The Sharp Time. Review.
Pearce, Jackson. Sisters Red. Review.
Pearce, Jackson. Sweetly. Review.
Porter, Sarah. Lost Voices. Review.
Porter, Sarah. Waking Storms. Review.
Rennison, Louise. Stop in the Name of Pants! Review.
Resau, Laura. The Queen of Water. Review.
Rodriguez, Gaby with Jenna Glatzer. The Pregnancy Project. Review.
Sandell, Lisa Ann. A Map of the Known World. Review.
Schneider, Robyn. Better Than Yesterday. Review.
Schrefer, Eliot. The School for Dangerous Girls. Review.
Silag, Lucy. Beautiful Americans. Review.
Silag, Lucy. Wanderlust. Review.
Sones, Sonya. One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies. Review.
Spotswood, Jessica. Born Wicked. Review.
von Ziegesar, Cecily. Gossip Girl The Carlyles #2. Review.
von Ziegesar, Cecily. It Had To Be You. Review.
Walde, Christine. The Candy Darlings. Review.
Walker, Brian F. Black Boy, White School. Review.
Waite, Judy. Forbidden. Review.
Wein, Elizabeth. Code Name Verity. Review.
Zink, Michelle. Prophecy of the Sisters. Review.
Zink, Michelle. Guardian of the Gate. Review.
Zink, Michelle. Circle of Fire. Review.

Adult Titles
Baszile, Jennifer. The Black Girl Next Door. Review.
Bradbury, Ray. We’ll Always Have Paris. Review.
Dery, Dominika. The Twelve Little Cakes. Review.
Evans, Danielle. Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self. Review.
Johnson, Marilyn. This Book Is Overdue. Review.
Lethem, Jonathan. The Ecstasy of Influence. Review.
Pearson, Allison. I Think I Love You. Review.
Perkins-Valdez, Dolen. Wench. Review.
Rice, Luanne. The Geometry of Sisters. Review.
Roy, Allyson. Aphrodisiac. Review.
Schappell, Elissa. Blueprints for Building Better Girls. Review.
Silver, Charlotte. Charlotte Au Chocolat: Memories of a Restaurant Girlhood. Review.
von Ziegesar, Cecily. Cum Laude. Review.
Weitz, Patricia. College Girl. Review.
Welch, Wendy. The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap. Review.
Wickham, Madeleine. Sleeping Arrangements. Review.
Wolitzer, Meg. The Uncoupling. Review.


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