special features

Heh. So sometimes I do “series” of related posts, and I thought it might be nice if you could find them all easily without having to search tags. So here they are. Now that I have this handy dandy page, I’ll probably be doing series more often, too.

Fashion: Bad At Doing It, Good At Loving It
Exactly what the title says.

Monthly Nick Hornby Copycats
Nick Hornby has a column in The Believer called “Stuff I’ve Been Reading.” It’s awesome, and, incidentally, you can buy compilations of that stuff, or a subscription to the magazine, on Amazon right here.

Biracial Narratives
I started writing these and now am going to present a paper based on them at the YALSA YA Literature Symposium in November, 2012. I might go back to writing them, but for now, it’s a pretty short series.


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