resources pour vous

Librarians love to collect and curate things. Here are some things on offer for you, by me.

Curated Web Content

  • If you are a creative or a critic or a fan of media (primarily literature, primarily for children or YAs) curious about how privilege works or what issues surround representations of race and ethnicity (and also, by extension, other marginalized groups, including LGBTQQI and disability), you should look at the excellent resources on this list. I can fully say that they are marvelous, and I’m not being a snob, because they’re by other people.
  • If you are interested in looking at the biracial experience in literature (for children, young adults, and adults; fiction and nonfiction), check out this page on Scoop. I don’t update it super a lot anymore, but it’s still cool.


Booklists and Pathfinders
You are welcome to use these, so long as you agree not to modify them in any way or to remove my name and credit from them.


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