what else i’m up to, and where

I haven’t been writing here much lately, but that’s just because I’ve been busy with lots of other projects that involve writing and reading.

  • I’m doing a lot of blogging for The Hub, which is where more general book posts are going as far as recommendations and booklists, rather than here, which I’m reserving for more deep critique or personal thoughts on books.
  • I’ve been asked to write a book chapter on developing multicultural collections for school libraries! So that’s in the works. I’m very excited to have the chance to do some scholarly work again.
  • I will be reviewing books for the Horn Book Magazine!
  • I am helping We Need Diverse Books with a Cool Thing! I will tell you more about it when I am able to.
  • I am also working on two secret undercover awesome new blog projects in conjunction with other super awesome cool people, so stay tuned!
  • I am working on my novel(s). My writing group and I devised a system where we get punished if we don’t live up to our goals. For me, it started as 90 minutes of novel work a week. I failed. So now it’s 60 minutes novel, 60 minutes blog/book chapter. When I don’t live up to the goal, I owe everyone in the group lattes or breakfast. So far, so good with this new goal! Since we started this on February 8, I have written 4299 words of fiction, which is more efficient than I have been in a very long time. I also re-outlined the whole novel, as I am now about halfway through, so that the second half would go where the first half seems to be directing it, since the original outline was no longer totally true.
  • I am taking a screenwriting class! I am learning a whole bunch and really enjoying myself and will have written at least Act I (that’s all that’s assigned, but I hope to go beyond that) by the end of May.

So please keep checking back here, as I want to write as much as possible, but also look for me in other cool places, because I like being everywhere.


what type of blogger are you? -from my kidlitcon presentation

At one of my sessions at KidLitCon, I talked about what bloggers can do specifically to help with the diversity cause as book bloggers. I say “specifically” because that’s what’s often missing from the conversation, and I say “as book bloggers” because I looked at most of the blogs of most of the KidLitCon attendees and realized that for the most part, they fell into one of three types of bloggers: Jack/Jill of All Trades, Greeter, or Analyst. I made these terms up and their profiles, and I’m still not sure whether I’m Jill or an Analyst or somewhere in between, though I’m definitely not a Greeter.

But you may be! And since my Google Slides thing was mad ugly and put together in a flash, I went and made a shmancy “infographic” (my coworker would object to the term because I don’t actually use images to convey data or information; I just used Pictochart to make a thing that was cute – and I’m really not a graphic designer, as you can see) that you can now download and/or share (so long as you link back RIGHT HERE and don’t modify it, though I certainly encourage you to continue the conversation, offer your suggestions for a rewrite, or suggest other book blogger types) with your friends. I’m pretty proud of myself, and I hope you find these suggestions useful or the types illuminating or thought-provoking. Just click to see the graphic. I’ll throw it on my resources page, too. Continue reading

kidlitcon wrapup

So I had a pretty amazing weekend. And it’s not even over. I have today off from regular job and don’t have to be to second job until late afternoon, so I get to catch up on television shows, blogging, and reading, because I haven’t done a lot of that lately. Also, calming down and taking it easy is good for you, I hear, so this is an excellent opportunity to, like, work hard in a relaxing way.

I went to KidLitCon and presented twice, but even better, I went to a conference that wasn’t for librarians and got to meet other likeminded people who come from a different space than I am coming from these days. That’s not to say there were no librarians – go ahead, just try to plan a book-related event and have us not be there – but it wasn’t for librarians, it was for people who blog about kidlit, and sometimes librarians do that. It was also a very small con – there were maybe 35 of us, which means I think at some point I spoke to every person there. And we were all engaged in the same cause – diversity in kidlit and YA.

Also, I think, at least as far as ratios go, it was the conference with the highest percentage of people of color attending, which was refreshing. I am not a person who remembers to take photos, which I generally don’t care about, but it was kind of too bad, because I am a person who appreciates the existence of photos in service of memory-keeping, but I tend to remember things anyway if they matter, so I think I’m okay.

I got some good stuff out of this conference, in addition to new Twitter and Facebook friends and more blogs to read. Continue reading