september reading in review

Books Bought This Month

Books Received/Acquired This Month
Little White Lies by Brianna Baker (Edelweiss ARC) [IndieBound]
The Land of Forgotten Girls by Erin Entrada Kelly (Edelweiss ARC) [IndieBound]
The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig (Edelweiss ARC) [IndieBound]
Bluescreen by Dan Wells (Edelweiss ARC) [IndieBound]
Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin (Edelweiss ARC) [IndieBound]
Spirit Week Showdown by Crystal Allen (Edelweiss ARC) [IndieBound]
Mirage by Tracy Clark (Edelweiss ARC) [IndieBound] Continue reading


i accidentally secretly watched the entire twilight saga

Bored, dead-looking (ha. pun kind of intended), suffering through a horrible job.

I got a DVR this summer, and I’ve been really enjoying it. Too much. It was a terrible idea to purchase. Wonderfulterrible. It sure makes for more time wasting, but also more efficient time wasting, because no commercials. Y’know.

Anyway, it also makes for noticing when embarrassing things are on television so that you can record them – you know, just in case you’re really bored. Because you don’t have enough hours of television recorded already. And that is how I ended up watching the entire Twilight saga recently.

My history with Twilight is as follows: saw the movie New Moon in theaters with my sister because she begged me and because you shouldn’t really make a new mom sad. I had never read the books or seen the first movie, but whatever. When you live in society and pay even half attention to things, you know how to participate in conversations about Twilight or To Kill a Mockingbird without having read them. A few years later, in grad school, I had to read Twilight. So I got the first two installments, albeit out of order, against my will. And I felt done. Continue reading

what the trainwreck of peter pan live got me thinking about

I tumbl’d this last night…

I’ve said many times that I have no memory of the book that made me a reader or the book that made me see myself, and I’m not sure if those moments have ever happened.


if I were asked, I could probably name a single thing that set me on my path to graduate school, that inspired me to seek out a degree specifically in children’s literature and that informs the way I approach my work and scholarship and creativity….

…and that is Peter Pan.

The play. And the fact that people forget it wasn’t a book first, but also that it was in a book before it was a play. Because it wins at meta.

The utter genius of the whole thing, that it is, simply, what play is, developmentally, anthropologically, sociologically.

The things you can (and must) unpack in it about narratives of play, constructions of childhood, violence, and gender roles. Continue reading