life is happening

CNT9vu9U8AAhfhMI’ve not been here much because I’ve been working on writing that I hope to send off into the world to other places, and because I’ve been trying to expand my focus to things beyond books, since I like lots of things. I’m also building a new website where I’d like to showcase all of my interests and skills, not just writing about books.

I really like fashion, and I loved being known as a quirky, stylish librarian at my old job, and now, even though I enjoy the fact that I’ve been doing remote stuff, I miss dressing up. I like reading about style, and I’d like to write about it, if not here than elsewhere.

I just moved back to Arizona and have been spending a lot of time with my nieces, which has kept me from doing other things, but it’s also been good for me to be around them. They are one of the reasons I chose to move back, and I love them and love being closer to them and love that they are so happy to see me. I’m so happy my parents are glad to have me back, even if I’m cramping their style by living with them until I find a new place of my own. I’m glad to have my big sister again. Continue reading


sigh of collective relief

So much happened at ALA that I am so exhausted – not just from the amount of time I spent on my feet versus spent sleeping, which was skewed in the wrong way, but also exhausted from the amount of gratitude I feel after a weekend filled with really good people who treated me really well and who are really supportive at a time when I need that.

But I really hate being gross and saccharine, so suffice to say thank you, I am not worthy, you are all amazing, and moving on.

I met lots of people I have known only on the internet, and I’m glad to know that actually they are just as excellent offline, so we hung out a lot. I’m usually pretty good at going to sessions at conferences, but this time I pretty much only went to my own or ones I was helping with, and otherwise I made really, really valuable and rewarding connections with human beings on the exhibit floor, at the hotels, and roaming the halls. I don’t know how I made it through four days without having a hotel room to escape to when the social overload anxiety hit, but it was a whirlwind and I did it and it was worth it.

Possibly the most amazing thing was Continue reading

what your sad friend does not need to hear from you

I just had a really lovely, low-key, fun evening with a friend. We went for a hike and then for Burmese food. It was just what I needed.

Then I was driving home and thinking about whatever and kind of continuing the conversation we had had at dinner with myself, as I am wont to do, and then all of a sudden I was in tears. Not breaking down inconsolable, but a steady, obnoxious, salty stream–just me, mascara-y tears, and 101.

This is not the first time that some zen-ish driving (i.e. not rush hour) has…prompted? allowed? made? me start to cry about the state of my life. It has happened a lot since I moved here, and probably has happened in other non-driving iterations at other times in my life.

And one of the things that made the tears keep coming out, I mean aside from catharsis from being a generally bottled up, busy person, was my realization that I have no one to cry to except myself. Continue reading