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Books Bought This Month
Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi
Boy, Snow, Bird: A Novel by Helen Oyeyemi
Running for Mortals: A Commonsense Plan for Changing Your Life With Running by John “The Penguin” Bingham and Coach Jenny Hadfield (really) Continue reading


what the hell is my voice: an oral, aural, and written journey

2013-Participant-Facebook-ProfileI’m “doing” NaNoWriMo, which I say every year, but this time I’m actually updating and lurking in the forums and putting write-ins on my Google calendar (and then not showing up because I work 40+ hours a week and I’m tired, bitches), so I’m way more into it than ever before.

Also, I am actually writing this time, so that’s cool, too.

As you can see from my little widget over to the right, I’m not exactly on the NaNo express train when it comes to word count. I don’t really care, because I knew that wouldn’t happen. I have way too much work and too many reading commitments to write 50,000 words. My real goal is to write every day, and I have the nagging of lots of wonderful students doing a much better job at the challenge than I am to get me to stick to that goal. It’s fantastic. So I now write every day, and the worst I have done is 50 words (well, and the one day I wrote only six) in a day, which is still a paragraph. What I wanted was to get back into the habit of writing, and I’m doing that, and that is wonderful. While there are some days that I just don’t have any interest in saying anything, I still have the urge to do the act of looking at the document and adding words to it, and that is something. And I have broken down some roadblocks I had come to in the plot and in some scenes, and it’s amazing how much you can just glide for awhile after you’ve done that. I forgot how that felt. I want to forget again, but this time from writing so much I don’t have blocks, not because I largely give up creative writing for two years. Never again. I’m going to finish this manuscript. And then some. Continue reading

the internet is a terrible place

I Googled myself today because lately I have been getting emails meant for a Hannah Gómez in Texas (are you there? If so, I kind of hate you and really want you to learn your email address and stress it to others so that I stop getting your ridiculous memberships to stupid websites and newsletters for culinary academies). Then I got distracted by Google’s “related searches,” where I could clearly see which searches were for me and which were for a third name-doppelganger (there must be a word for a person who shares your name, and I’m willing to bet it’s German), so I started clicking around. And then I forgot to NaNo and I forgot to take my vertigo pills, so the world kept spinning slightly, and I forgot to eat. Continue reading